A magical yet practical tub tea to purify the entire being from the outside in.

A magical blend of  ethically grown or wildcrafted plants known to support easeful breathing, soothe & reduce inflammation, and regenerate healthy skin cells. Calendula, Lemon Balm, Plantain, Monarda & Salvia is formulated to cleanse and nourish the body, mind and soul. Out of respect for the plant and planet compost or bury your ritual tea bag after bath is complete.


How to use: Bring 16oz of water to boil, drop in 1 tea bag, and turn heat off. Cover the pot and steep ritual tea bag for 15 mins. Add liquid and closed tea bag to tub of warm water at your desired temperature. Submerge the body and enjoy.


Ritual Bath Tub Tea is safe for all ages. 

Our products are made in small batches using all natural ingredients. Orders will be shipped within 5-7 business days using USPS unless otherwise specified. 


Feel free to contact us directly if you need to edit your order. Edits can be made before items are shipped. Once items are shipped there are no returns or exchanges. 

Elixir of Life Ritual Bath Tub Tea

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  • Elixer of Life Ritual Bath Tub Tea has been formulated for its benefits to the skin and spirit. All ingredients are safe for internal consumption should you choose. Do not consume if pregnant. Contact us directly and we're happy to create a blend specifically for you.