- The Roots of True Grit  -


Folk medicine and root work have been passed down through my family lines for generations. I remember stories of my maternal grandmother using plants she collected from the woods, spider webs and soot to staunch bleeding and heal deep cuts.  Her daughter, my mother picked up the trowel and taught me how to plant and tend, to sow and split, and the all important task of weeding for the health of the plants. I continued to build upon this foundation through academic study of herbal medicine, botany, and horticulture. Today I offer clinical consults and retail apothecary services to local community members in person as well as the extended community online.  I grow many of the herbs that are included in formulas offered to address a variety of health concerns. Clients call on me for support with varied conditions including chronic pain, stress, anxiety, inflammation, gut health, immune balance, menstrual health, fertility, prenatal and postnatal. Equipped with the knowledge of my ancestry and modern teachers, I prepare superior quality tinctures, tea blends, steams, salves, and more to address clients needs. 

Commitment to Sustainability


 Sustainability is the word often used to describe the long-term viability of a practice. Being an environmentally sustainable herbalist includes awareness of where we source our herbs, how they are grown and harvested, which specific plants we are using and with what frequency.  I have taken the Hippocratic Oath to do no harm. That value not only applies to clients and students but also the Earth.  In harmony with the environment True Grit Botanica nurtures and grows medicinal plants in Richmond, VA and on a family farm in rural Virginia. What we do not grow ourselves we are proud to partner with other independent growers locally, regionally and nationally to access the highest quality botanicals. There are some plants that prefer an uncultivated existence or slow growers. I am prudent about what is harvested in the wild and thrifty about adding these precious resources to preparations in my lab. I use the whole plant from root to tip in honor of the gifts these healing plants provide.  It is my mission at True Grit Botanica to minimize waste and eliminate unnecessary packing materials whenever possible. I welcome clients to return cleaned containers to be reused for their next order.